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Sharpening Services

​Reduce industrial blade expenses by up to 85%

Industrial cutting machines see hard use in their daily operation. Over time, blades can dull, reducing productivity and adding strain to the machines. Regularly scheduled sharpening maintenance restores new life into these machines at a fraction of the cost of new blades. 


Product Yields

Dull blades mean more waste and lost productivity.


Our regular sharpening programs increases equipment performance and yields. 




Dull knives cause lower quality cuts. 

We keep your blades  performing at their highest levels of precision and  accuracy.



Labor Costs

In-house sharpening labor costs are expensive. 


Reduce your worker's compensation liability and free up staff for other critical tasks.

Our professional sharpening services make all the difference.

Cut to the chase and give us a try.

We'll even sharpen your first 20 blades for free!


(888) 946 9970 

Easy. Fast. Reliable.

  • Fast 3-day turnaround

  • Nationwide delivery

  • Free pickup and delivery throughout California

  • OEM equipment and experienced technicians

  • Cleaning and inspection of all blades 

  • Detailed savings reporting

  • Guaranteed, quality service


“Thank you for your prompt service of our blades and I got to tell you the knives came back very well sharpened,

Maintenance Manager
Fresh Vegetable Processor

Santa Maria, CA

“The blades you sharpened for us are sharper than the new blades we have and are lasting much longer. We will be sending you more blades to sharpen!”

Maintenance Manager
Large Vegetable Processor
San Antonio, TX

“I can't thank you enough for your persistence! I wish we started using your services years ago. Harvest Blade is saving us a lot of money!”

General Manager
Frozen Food Company
Central Valley, CA

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