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Memorable Memorial Day Recipes

Memorial Day marks the start of summer, and at Harvest Blade & Supply, we're excited to help you celebrate with easy, delicious dishes inspired by our customers.

Our precision-crafted blades are the unsung heroes behind these culinary creations. Committed to excellence, our industrial food processing blades handle intricate tasks with ease, ensuring your dishes are prepared effortlessly and beautifully.

A home made Cilantro Chimichurri sauce adds delicious flavor to this grilled chicken kabob recipe from Foster Farms. Simple and easy to try at your next BBQ.


At a summer barbecue, classic coleslaw is a very good thing. The package of Taylor Farms Tri-color Coleslaw you use here is a blend of fresh, raw green cabbage, red cabbage, and carrot, all shredded to that size that makes for a great batch of coleslaw.


As the "official dessert of summer" strawberry shortcake is a crowd-pleaser for Memorial Day Menues. Try this easy and delicious recipe from Discoll's Strawberries.


A simple yet refreshing soft drink from Dole made with pineapple juice, sugar and water.


Dive in and indulge your sweet tooth with chocolate and fruit from Dole.


Golden Margarita

Create a quick and easy craft cocktail with Boalthouse Farms Golden Goodness .



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